"I wish the rating went higher than a 5. I honestly cannot say enough about Holly and her team. Without a doubt, I would not have made it through my wedding day and the whole planning process if it weren't for Holly. I was reluctant to spend the money on a coordinator, but it is by fay, the wisest money spent. When you spend a whole year planning a wedding; imagining every detail and how things will look, you hope that when the day comes, everything will happen just as you envisioned it. On my day, this was the case. Aside from some major WIND issues, which Holly and her team were able to work miraculously around, EVERYTHING that I had dreamed of for the past year came to life. Holly is incredibly sweet and lovely, but is firm and approaches obstacles with a calm, friendly smile. I never felt worried about anything when I knew Holly was in charge. I emailed her on several occasions to vent about things that I was worried about asked her NUMEROUS questions any time one popped in my head; every time, she responded quickly and with such confidence that it always put my mind at ease. She handled all the dirty details and coordinated with all of my vendors to ensure everyone was prompt, which allowed me to enjoy my day with as little stress as possible. My personal "day of" assistant, Ashley was amazing as well. Need chapstick? She's got it. An extra bobby pin? She's got it. There is not one thing I would change about my wedding day and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Holly's services. 100%!"  -Kelly Wilson