Why You Should Use A Travel Agent For Your Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon while planning your wedding can definitely add extra burden and stress!  This is why I am excited to share some information that Fatima Reep from First Ticket Travel, Inc. has given me!

"One of the first decisions couples face when planning their honeymoon is whether to use the services of a travel agent.  A do-it-yourself approach may sound alluring and adventurous, especially if you have a preconceived notion of your honeymoon. However, going it alone may pan out more adventures than you signed up for!
We realize that wedding planning can be quite stressful and time consuming. We feel that planning a honeymoon should not be. We begin with an initial meeting with you.  Getting to know you helps us guide you through the entire honeymoon design and honeymoon planning process holding your hand every step of the way.

Like working with a bridal consultant, a travel agent can offer you many perks. In addition to doing all of your booking (for accommodations, transportation, and anything else you'll need in advance), you will also benefit from the agent's globetrotting expertise and access to insider discounts. In many cases, agents can obtain better deals for you than even the most discounted travel websites, and in some cases, your agent will be able to get you package deals.

Think how you’d handle these situations:
    1.    A few days before the wedding, you get a call.  Your flight is cancelled, and you had booked your                         own air online.
    2.    You also have booked your own cruise, a Safari, a week in Tahiti
    3.    Furthermore, you didn’t know about travel insurance.
So NOW, you have to figure out who to call first, what to do.  

In any of these instances, the services of a travel agent would prove invaluable.   You would not have to worry.   Your travel consultant would make sure alternate arrangements are made.  Despite what you may think, your travel agent will probably save you money compared to what you could book on your own. And, if this is the first big trip you’ve ever planned, you really need a travel agent – things go wrong, airlines change schedules, natural disasters get in the way, you name it.

So, now that you’ve decided you’d rather leave it to the experts, you need to find an expert – travel agent, that is. How do you find a good travel agent?   Referrals are probably the single best way to find a travel agent.  Your Wedding Planner is the first place to start.  Your Wedding Planner has earned your trust by now.
Once you find a travel agent, call first to talk. This is similar to an interview – you are checking to see if there’s rapport, and if he or she books the kind of travel you’re looking for (Europe, for example, or does she plan complex, custom itineraries).  This selection process is especially important if you’ve found a couple of travel agents (via searches or referrals), so you can narrow your selection down to one.
Many travel agents require a nominal, nonrefundable deposit upfront before they quote packages (or before they provide package details, in some cases). Don’t be discouraged by this policy. Often, it means you’re taken seriously, and your travel agent will take her time in planning your honeymoon. Keep an open dialog with your travel agent, and the end result is the perfect honeymoon for you.
Finally, keep your mind open to suggestions your travel agent may have. You might be dreaming of hiking glaciers by day, and something romantic and toasty at night, but your travel agent can help you to compare the merits of New Zealand, Canadian Rockies, Swiss Alps, and Alaskan cruises, so you can put your dreams into action.

Our honeymoon registry is fun and easy and the best part is that there is no extra cost to set it up.   Your guests will be able to upgrade your all inclusive honeymoon package, purchase a candlelit dinner for two on the beach, treat you to parasailing or scuba diving.   The options are endless.