In Honor of Neha Soneji and Harin Contractor

I was so excited to book my first Chicago bride Neha!...and over the telephone!  So you can imagine my anticipation the first time I finally got to meet her, Harin, and her parents for our timeline meeting.  We of course had even more fun than I imagined talking about snowboarding, and other sports they enjoy.  Neha and Harin are truly some of the most genuine people I have worked with and I feel so special to have been part of their day.  I must say, I am starting to become quite attached to Indian weddings!  All of the bright colors and energy makes "work" even more fun!  I hope you enjoy some of their pictures below....they are absolutely stunning!
The Team: {Coordinator: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Location- Hilton Waterfront Resort} - {Photography: David Crane Photography} - {Videographer: New Classic Films} - {Caterer: Jay Bharat} - {Make up/Hair/Mhendi: My Fair Bride} - {Entertainment: Kumba Entertainment} - {Rentals: Elegant Chiavari Chairs} - {Bakery: Simply Sweet Bakery}