The "Plus One" Controversy

There's the never-ending controversy of whether or not people should be able to bring a "plus one" to weddings.  When trying to control wedding costs, the easiest thing to do is limit the guest list.  So what is the true etiquette of bringing a date?  Emily post says ....

"Spouses, fiancees/fiances, and live-in partners must be invited.  Issuing an invitation to a boyfriend or girlfriend is up to the bride and groom's discretion."

"Allowing single guests who aren't attached to significant others to bring dates is a thoughtful gesture, but one that is certainly not required and often not realistic."

And if it's good enough for Emily Post, it's good enough for me! :)  Ok, now that we have the official etiquette out of the way, let's look a little further.  A wedding is an intimate, personal event, so a friend's random date they have never met, is literally taking the place of one person they could have invited.  I think it is a wonderful gesture to invite all significant others, but do not feel the need to give "and guest" to unattached guests.  If you know your friend or cousin whomever has a significant other, call them to find out the signifiant other's name to put on the invitation.  

Whatever you both decide is best for your situation is perfectly fine.  However, my only advice is draw a line in the sand and make no exceptions!  For example, "all couples in relationships are okay, but no first dates or friends as dates."  I literally have a friend who's boyfriend was recently invited to a wedding where the couple chose who could bring their significant others and who could not!  Talk about lots of hurt feelings!!!