Photo: Allison Goodsby

Photo: Allison Goodsby

Meet Holly Stein

Holly joined the wedding industry in 2006 when she interned with acclaimed wedding planner, Mary Dann. Through her time in Mary's office she learned valuable skills about the industry as well as the level of five star service that she applies to each and every client she works with.  She also served as the event and sales manager at Franciscan Gardens where her knowledge continued to grow exponentially.

With a degree in business from Loyola Marymount University, a passion for pleasing her clients, and a high attention to detail, she takes great pleasure in allowing her clients to take a deep breath and pass off the tedious details of planning.  Her enthusiasm and compassion for all of her clients make them feel at ease and stress-free during the planning process.

Photo: Jen O’Sullivan

Photo: Jen O’Sullivan

Meet Melissa Churlonis

Melissa is the consummate professional. With 25 years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful events that leave indelible memories, she brings enthusiasm and attention to detail to every client. Genuine in her desire to exceed expectations, she manages with calm unobtrusive grace, which is without a doubt her trademark! 



After over a decade of running a business and planning weddings with budgets from $25k-$400k, we are so excited to share this knowledge with you! It’s the tips and tricks that we wished we had when we first started. Gaining experience working for another planner or managing a venue is just NOT the same as being the captain of your own ship! Our Wedding Management Mastery course will walk you through contracts, packages, pricing, writing timelines, confirming vendors, orchestrating rehearsals and more. To get this course for just $49 (regularly $194), CLICK HERE!

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