Bridal Blessings

Are you looking to plan a conscious bridal shower full of thoughtfulness and intention?

Do you want this experience to be symbolic and memorable for all your favorite people?

Say hello to Bridal Blessings.

Forget the typical bridal shower. A Bridal Blessing is a time to ground, connect and shower our bride with love, good intentions and blessings. Transitioning into marriage is a sacred time for women. She must navigate the path of blending her energy with another while still retaining her individual spirit. We create customized Bridal Blessings that speak to your true essence and honor the divine feminine within. All services are completely customized and we’d be honored to help you with as little or as much as you need! Below is a list of the common services, but please let us know if there’s something else you’d like assistance with!

Common Services:

  • Creation of a customized itinerary that speaks to the spirit of the bride.

    • Sound Baths, Reiki, Yoga, Tarot Card Readings, Macrame Workshop, Guided Meditations, Breathwork, etc.

    • We will also make suggestions of activities to honor the bride to be!

  • Full event design to create the vibe you desire.

    • We have inspiration boards and make suggestions for rentals, flowers, etc. We can even create a beautiful and cohesive event if your party is at home.

  • Recommendations for fun and unique vendors along with activities that fit the vibe of the blessing

  • Coordination with florist

  • Placement and management of rental orders including quantity, delivery, pick up and set up

  • Venue recommendations, research and booking

  • Create, place and manage logistics of all food and beverage orders

  • Coordination and management of photography and/or videography

  • Assistance with designing and creating invitations, paper products and all other signage

  • Booking all entertainment needs

  • Create a professional timeline to ensure no detail is overlooked.

    • Even the smallest of parties need a loose agenda!

  • Management of the event on the day of to coordinate all vendors, set up, management of timing and clean up

    • We make sure everyone can truly enjoy the day! =)


Warrior Goddess Bachelorette Parties

Are you dreaming of a bachelorette weekend that leaves you feeling better than when you got there??

Would you like a positive and uplifting experience that creates a deep connection between you and your closest friends and family?

Say hello to your Warrior Goddess Bachelorette Party.

Forget chugging cheap champagne and waking up feeling like garbage! Your High Vibe Bachelorette Party is about empowering and honoring the sacred feminine and establishing a deep connection to your closest soul sisters. Imagine starting your day with morning yoga and a guided meditation, then throughout the weekend enjoy sound baths, massages, reiki, crystal healing circles, or whatever your heart desires.

The food served will leave everyone feeling nourished and vibrant. We can even customize meals based on your ayurvedic dosha or personal preferences. If you’re looking to catch a buzz we’ll get you some Booch Craft or other high vibe options. Let us turn your bachelorette weekend into at bad-ass spiritually uplifting retreat with your best friends, completely customized to your preferences. All parties are curated to the bride-to-be and a proposal can be given after a complimentary consultation. Just like our Bridal Blessings, we can help you with as little or as much as you’d like! Below are a list of just some of the services we assist with!

Common Services:

  • Creation of an insanely detailed weekend itinerary along with the booking of all services.

    • Starting with welcome drinks on arrival, through group activities and restaurant reservations, and ending with a final farewell brunch.

    • Everything will be laid out for you.

  • Suggestions and assistance with booking accommodations to suit your vibe and guest count. We have recommendations in Palm Springs, Temecula, Orange County and beyond!

  • Creation of a food and beverage list for the weekend along with shopping and stocking the kitchen with delicious snacks.

  • On site concierge for the weekend to make sure every detail flows seamlessly.

  • Light cooking and cleaning, including preparation of specialty coffees, breakfast, snacks and lunches

  • Scheduling and confirming restaurant reservations and activities.

  • Coordination of any transportation needs