Wedding Management Services

An exact quote can be given after a complimentary consultation. Factors that influence the quote include but are not limited to: guest count, number of assistants needed, scope of set up, number of face to face meetings, hours needed on the wedding day, and type of venue.

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Services Prior to the Wedding:

  • Timeline meeting to create a comprehensive, down to the minute, event timeline for all wedding weekend events. No small detail is overlooked and everyone will be on the same page in regards to all scheduling

  • Detailing Meeting and/or Menu Tasting to go over diagrams, event orders and all other pertinent details with your venue coordinator

  • Provide professional vendor referrals as needed to ensure you have a professional team that fits your style and budget

  • Assistance with placing and managing rental orders

  • Confirm contracts and timing with all vendors so everyone is aware of arrival times, load-in instructions, set up guidelines and flow of the event

  • 1.5 hours to coordinate the rehearsal and collect all wedding items, e.g. toasting glasses, wedding programs, place cards, etc. to ensure all bridal party and family members feel comfortable with how they will be walking and standing/sitting during the ceremony

 Services the Day of the Wedding:

  • 8-10+ hours on the day of the wedding, to be determined by Simply Sweet Weddings

  • Personal Assistant to the bride*

  • Provide additional assistants to help fulfill all of the wedding coordinator duties

  • Oversee all vendor commitments and set up to make sure they are fulfilled to your standards

  • Set up assistance with décor, favors, place cards, etc. according to your specifications so you and your family can enjoy getting ready without stress

  • Manage the timing of the event throughout the entire day from photographs, ceremony, reception, etc. so that all events flow smoothly, stay on schedule and are executed flawlessly

  • Provide wedding day emergency kit that includes, but is not limited to sewing materials, hairspray, duct tape, glue gun, bobby pins, collar extenders, stain removers and more to come to the rescue in any type of mishap

  • Acceptance and assistance with distribution of bouquets, corsages and pinning of boutonnieres so all boutonnieres and corsages are pinned correctly and uniformly

  • Assistance with pre-ceremony and post-ceremony photography so that this time is used as efficiently as possible

  • Ensure all gifts and cards are moved to a safe location

  • Assistance with lining up of the bridal party for the Grand Entrance

  • Direct guests to ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, etc. so that none of your guests are confused to as where they should be and when

  • Distribution of hard copies of timeline to vendors so that no vendor is left without the most updated timing and details

  • Distribute final balances and/or gratuities to all vendors as needed

  • Pack up all wedding items and load into bridal suite, designated car, etc. so at the conclusion of the event no one has to stay behind and clean up

  • Answer questions and concerns to guests and family throughout the day so they feel attended to and taken care of

  • Be your eyes and ears so you can relax and enjoy your big day!

 *What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

  • Set aside bride’s jewelry, shoes, etc. so it’s ready when the photographer arrives (so they aren’t eating up time locating these items)

  • Help keep room tidy so getting ready pictures look cleaner

  • Make sure the girls are ready on time and that they pack up all of their belongings to be moved out of the room if necessary. Will call bellman and help move items and facilitate their transfer

  • Set aside all of bride’s personal items in case they need to get moved to the honeymoon suite and physically move them to Honeymoon suite if necessary (or facilitate a bellman to transfer)

  • Check on groomsmen and groom and makes sure they are on time and that boutonnieres are pinned

  • Make sure groom/groomsmen pack up their personal belongings and know where they need to be moved if necessary. Will call bellman and help move items and facilitate their transfer

  • Set asides groom’s personal belongings to be moved to the honeymoon suite and will move them if necessary (or facilitate a bellman to transfer)

  • Help coordinate first look with photographer and aide in facilitating all further pictures before ceremony including managing any ‘must shoot’ photography moments with the photographer

  • Make sure bride and bridesmaids have everything they need at all times (water, food, etc.)

  • Hold bride’s purse and bouquet at anytime that they aren’t needed

  • Coordinate transportation and make sure that everyone leaves in the correct cars on time

  • Acts as the bride’s complete liaison for anything she may need, any question she needs answered, etc.