Finding Your Perfect Dress: Part II

Ok, now on to Part II of finding your perfect dress.  If you missed Part I, be sure to check it out!  This is going to remind you of those magazine articles that tell you about the perfect bathing suite or pair of jeans for you body type.  So here you have it.... advice based on body shape, and then on dress structure as well.  Enjoy!

Monique Lhullier

Hourglass: Two-piece and corset dresses enhance the hourglass figure. Beautiful ball gowns and corseted bodices normally work for the bust line as well. Bridal bouquets should not overwhelm. Bridal headpieces should not be overdone if the bridal ball gown is elaborate.

Pear shaped. A-line princess dresses disguise fuller hips and the pear shaped body types best.  This also balances torso to bust. Chapel length bridal veils add sleeker lines. For wedding hairstyles don’t have all your hair swept up to help emphasize balance.
Petite:  Clean, unbroken contours without too much fabric tend to elongate. Big Ball gowns and mermaid wedding dress shapes can overwhelm. Chapel or finger-tip bridal veils ensure that the petite bride is framed well. Keep bridal accessories and wedding accessories to a minimum.
Tall: From ball gowns, princess line and A- line wedding dresses, straight bridal dresses and mermaid dresses; all are great for the tall bride who can carry almost any dress style.  Avoid empire line dresses that can look almost “tent like”. Avoid wedding flowers or bouquets that are too small or large. Ensure they work proportionately with you and your body type.

Fuller waisted:  Princess-line and drop waist wedding dresses are most flattering. Draw the eye up with stunning bridal and wedding accessories. Bridal shoes with height may assist
Broader shoulder: Broader shouldered brides should veer from halter and off-the-shoulder necklines, which tend to accentuate the shoulders.  Try strapless and scoop necklines. For bridal accessories fine delicate jewelry works best with your body type.

Fuller busted:  Bridal corsets can work magic. Wedding dresses that are scoop and square necklines enhance bust lines. Widely set apart straps diminish fuller busted figures.
Fuller Arms:  Off the shoulder straps or sheer fabric is a great wedding dress tip. In solid fabric, usually three-quarter or long sleeve works best to elongate the line of the arm. Sleeves should not be cut tight.
Ball Gown/Full Skirt: Ball gown type dresses are recommended for the following body types: Full figured, pear shaped, and thin.  This style may also be considered for some people who are petite or have a hour glass figure.
Empire Waist: Empire waist gowns are recommended for women who are petite or do not have a defined waistline. They may also be considered for women with an inverted pear shaped body.
This style is not recommended for women with hour glass figures.
A-Line Princess: A-line gowns are recommended for the most body types except for women who do not have a defined waistline.  While neither the A-line nor Princess has a defined waistline, the Princess style does have noticeable vertical panels.
Sheath: Sheath style gown are recommended for thin figured or petit framed women. They may also be considered for some women with a hour glass figure shaped body.
This style is not recommended for women who are thick or short waisted, full figured, or have a pear shaped body type.
Mermaid: Mermaid style gowns are recommended for woman with a figure that they want to show off.
This style is not recommended for women who are petite, thick or short waisted, or have an inverted pear shaped body type.
Stay tuned for Part III....the timeline of dress shopping, fittings, pick up date and more.