12 Clever Ways to Cut Costs!

  No matter what your budget is for your wedding, there are always ways to lower how much you spend on your big day. This article from Bridal Guide gives some clear cut ways to save some money for other things like your honeymoon!

1. The Guest List
Keeping your guest list trim is so important. But if you;re worried that you;ll offend people by not inviting them, stop now. Of course you wouldn't ;eave out your nearest and dearest family and friends , so just think of all those people who would probably be flattered to be invited but not bothered if they aren't. Your best bet is to make some rules. That is, first cousins, but not second, Spouses and live-in or serious partners, but not dates. Your boss, but not your whole office. These are some great ways to make sure your wedding stays a good size.

2. The Dessert Table
Unless you're having a dessert reception, don't go overboard on sweets. Wedding cake is so spectacular that offering a dessert buffet, a crepes suzette station and mini ice cream cones is just excessive.

3. The Flowers
The first time you gazed upon your reception site you saw veritable fields of flowers, right? It's no surprise though that piles and piles of blooms can ratchet up your costs quickly. You don't need to fill every corner of your venue with flowers for your wedding to be pretty. Work with your florist to use the freshest, most in-season blooms to their advantage, then fill the rest with budget-friendly candles or greenery. The look will still be beautiful! If you adore flowers, check out botanical gardens in your area and you'll have a bounteous backdrop of blooms at your disposal.

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4. Cocktail Hour
Don't overload guests with everything from sushi bars to hors d'oeuvres to pasta and carving stations. Keep it short and sweet. This ensures that you'll need less food. Hand pass hors d'ouvres instead of having stations. Stick with just enough food to keep guests from getting too tipsy too early.
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5. The Drinks
Feel free to skip the champagne toast and use whatever wint you have on the table. Create a bar you can afford, whether that means offering only beer, wine, water and soft drinks; a signature cocktail and wine with dinner; or less expensive liquors for mixed drinks. Keep your drinks simple.
6. The 5- Course Meal
I know you're worried about guests going home hungry. This concern has led many couples to go down the path of offering too much-up to seven courses-end up paying too much for it. Eliminate one course and just serve an appetizer and entree. Or instead of offering chicken, steak, or salmon entrees, assemble a plate that combines a few grilled shrimp, and medallions of beef, and an array of vegetables. You can save up to 40% or more!
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7. The Cake
A five-tier tower covered with sugar-paste flowers, butterflies and bows? The more elaborate the design, the higher the cost. Consider serving a smaller tiered display cake ad supplementing with a sheet cake that is brought out after the official cake cutting. Or do less-pricey cupcakes in your wedding colors.
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8. The Invitations
Engraved and letterpress invitations are costly. Choosing an unusual color, paper or design may also raise your costs. If you're a DIY-er, design and make your own invitations by hand or on a high quality computer. Or find an amazing invitation designer like Jen Simpson to get inexpensive but beautiful invitations!
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9. Transportation
White limos cost more than black or silver ones, so cross white ones off your list. If you do hire a limousins, don't have the car that took you to the ceremony wait for you all day. Book another to come for you later.
10. The Venue
You've found out the price per person at your chosen venue and it is just too high. You can always negotiate. But some brides are shy or they think that is tacky. But in a touch economic situation, vendors expect it. Be honest about your budget and see what they can do to help. Even if you don't get a price reduction, you may get some extras thrown in, And, if you're flexible with days of the week like a Friday or Sunday, times of days or seasons, you can get a much better deal. Remember: Vendors want your business as much as you want a nice wedding.
11. Rehearsal Dinner
Your rehearsal dinner doesn't have to be a mini wedding and be at an expensive restaurant. If you can have it in the home of someone willing to host. Sometimes people will do this as a gift! Do something casual, like a barbecue or picnic. As your wedding caterer if he or she is willing to cater in a private ome for a lower fee as part of your package.
12. The Impressions
It isn't your job to dazzle your friends. Just remember to take care of them. Be sure they have little amenities in their rooms and that older guests don't have far to walk. Take care not to have an uncomfortable time gap between ceremony and reception. A sweet and inexpensive gift you can give is milk and cookies at the end of the night because it always makes people feel loved!