Tips to Sweeten the Deal for your Wedding Cake

People are always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing style and quality when it comes to their wedding.  Let's be honest, weddings are expensive and budgets can easily get out of control.  I see it all the time.  This being said, I wanted to share some great tips on how to save money on your wedding cake that I found in Bridal Guide....

-One idea is to create a "faux" cake where only one small piece is actually real, the part you will cut and eat in front of your friends and family for pictures.  Your guests are then served sheet cake from the back which is far more inexpensive.

Photo Credit: Left Photos- TheKnot; Top Right Photo- Photos by Johanna; Bottom Right- Troy Grover Photography

-The simpler the decoration, the lower the price!  Things that are more labor-intensive like hand-crafted sugar flowers, fondant and detailed piping cost more.  Opt for a simple design and use fresh flowers to jazz things up.

-Square cakes yield more slices than round cakes!

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-Not every single person will eat your can usually get away by ordering enough for 75% of your guests.

-Rich flavors like chocolate make people fuller faster!  This way you can cut thinner slices to satisfy their sweet tooths.  Also, things like pound cake and cheesecake also allow for cutting back since they are heavy.

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-Fresh fruit is more expensive than cream fillings, so serve sliced seasonal fruit on the plate beside the slice of cake.

-Perhaps you can have your cake cut into small pieces and tray passed around to guests during dancing.

Photo Credit: Top Left- Focus Photography; Top Right- MarthaStewarWeddings; Bottom Photos- Epic Imagery

-Lastly, avoid cake cutting fees by using the venue's in house pastry chef, the bakeries they include in the wedding package or a cupcake tower or a dessert display.

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