Formspring: Ask Me Anything!

Ok, so does anyone know what this Formspring thing is?  Basically, it allows you to ask someone anything you want, and you can either post your name or ask anonymously.  The user then logs in, reviews the question and decides whether or not to answer it and post it on their profile.  I had a brief run in with Formspring about a year ago when a bunch of girls at my sister's high school started sending mean things to other people using the anonymous option....umm, talk about an open forum for cyber bullying!!  I heard through the grapevine most of the girls canceled their accounts...thank goodness.

However, but then I thought about how awesome it would be to be able ask a wedding expert, more a specifically a wedding planner, ahem, me, questions about the planning process!  And actually turn this into a mature, and I'm sure intended use of the site.
So if you have any questions about the wedding industry, how I got involved, advice for planning, or are just a little nosy about me, just Formspring me!  I'll be happy to answer any and all questions! :)
My user name is SimplySweetWedd!