5 Mistakes Every Hockey Loving Groom Can Avoid

Congrats!  You made it to the Stanley Cup (aka found someone who will actually marry you). It may be hard to believe, but it’s real, and It’s coming quicker than Maurice “The Rocket” Richard...

You have vows to write, maybe speeches, the DJ, photo/video, family and seating. Tons of stuff you probably want nothing to do with...

Here are 5 mistakes every hockey-loving groom should avoid if they want to hoist the trophy like a champ.

  1. Show up to practice - The idea you can just show up for the Stanley Cup is silly. Sorry. And your fiancé will LOVE you taking an interest.  So play all positions. Don’t just sit back as the goalie. Jump up to center. Hang back on D. Ask questions. Have opinions.

  2. Make your vows good - Most grooms google basic vows in the days leading up to the wedding.  Without a personal touch, everyone knows you printed them out the day before.  So come up with some good ones, and PRACTICE. Click here if you want some clever hockey lover vows you can customize.

  3. Keep the gloves on - During the planning process tensions may rise.  THIS IS NORMAL. Not just for planning weddings, but marriage in general.   If your gloves come off before the big day you may reconsider getting married at all.  The divorce rate in this country is somewhere near 50%. Keep the gloves on, EVEN IF SHE TAKES THEM OFF.  

  4. Don’t get hammered - Catching a buzz is one thing.  Blacking out and blowing your speech or causing a scene is another.  Unless you and the lady agree shots of Johnny Walker, keep it together.  The wedding day is symbolic and will be looked back on by everyone, ESPECIALLY your wife.

  5. Know the Timeline - Guys are usually oblivious to time on the wedding day.  I know I was. In retrospect, this was a huge mistake. Missed photos, wasted time, and higher stress levels are the result.  You don’t need to know the minute by minute, just have a general idea. Set reminders on your phone or ask the boys to help you.  If you step in and save the day because you knew time was running low, you’ll be the biggest stud, and your fiance will give you those sexy eyes you love so much.

It may seem overwhelming, but you got this. Close your eyes and imagine your vows killing in front of all those cheering fans!  Think of all your hard work paying off for the best party of the year.

If you need a little help, I got you.

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Holly SteinComment