15 Ways to Show Mom Some Love

It's every mom's dream to see their son or daughter marry their soul mate. Generally, mothers play a big role in the wedding planning and they out their heart and soul into the special occasion. Here are some ways to say thank you to the woman who dedicated her life to you.

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1. Have her join you and Dad for your walk down the aisle.
2. Present her with a photo album of snapshots of the two of you-with a placeholder for a wedding-day picture.
3. Have a piece of lace from her wedding sewn into your gown.
4. Hit her up for "something borrowed," like a piece of her jewelry.
5. Display her wedding portrait on the escort-card table (place it with photos of other family brides).
6. Ask her to light a candle or to give a reading at the ceremony.
7. Have breakfast with her on the big day. You'll sneak in a few moments of calm before the craziness begins.
8. Treat her to a pre-wedding hair-and-makeup session with you and your girls.
9. Order er a monogrammed handkerchief especially for the wedding (She's going to need it!).
10. Tuck her fave bloom into your bouquet; give it to her when you reach the altar.
11. Have your guy make a toast in her honor.
12. Spend your wedding eve watching rom-coms with her at her house.
13. Mail her a letter telling her how much you appreciate her; time it to arrive while you're on your honeymoon.
14. Having a destination bash? Surprise her with a massage at the spa or with a hotel upgrade to a luxe suite.
15. Start a new tradition; the mother daughter dance.