Alyssa and Ben's Engagement Shoot

So Janel from Focus Photography, Inc. called me today to tell me she finished the pictures from Alyssa and Ben's engagement shoot in NYC...little did she know I would yak off her ear for the next 30 minutes about life. Ha...I know she loves it.
Anyways, Alyssa and Ben are getting married next July at the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach and we literally did our consultation over Skype!  It was so fun...and they didn't even know I was wearing sweats, haha.  I told the New York couple about Janel because I knew she was a perfect fit for their style, and since she works out in NYC, they could do their engagement shoot around their city.  These pictures make me want to move to NYC, and also makes me jealous that Janel got to meet them in person before I did.  I can't wait for their wedding!
And on a random side note, Ben has the cutest English accent. Ever.