FREE GUIDE: How To Run A Wedding Rehearsal

The rehearsal is hugely important.  More so than you think....

It sets the tone for your clients big day and is also your first impression to the wedding party.  You know, those people you want listening to you. It’s crucial you exude confidence and execute a seamless rehearsal so there’s no question who the boss is.

This is often easier said than done.

The problem many planners face is that running a rehearsal can be a bit like herding cats.  There’s a lot of moving pieces and if you don’t have the process NAILED it can get messy and time consuming.  If it’s not flawless the bride’s confidence in your abilities may be shaken.

No bueno for wedding day stress levels.

After 12 years planning weddings, and plenty of rehearsal blunders along the way, I figured out the formula for a picture perfect rehearsal.

Follow this step-by-step process to for a simple and efficient wedding rehearsal:

  • Introduction

  • Place everyone where they will stand during the ceremony

  • Practice recessional

  • Practice processional

  • Give a ceremony overview once everyone is back up front

  • Conclude with important details for the wedding day

  • Give last chance for any questions

It’s suuuuuper helpful to have detailed instructions written out for everything along with a checklist so you don’t forget anything.  I highly recommend having those handy.

If you want a copy of my personal template and checklist, just Venmo me $10 and I’ll send it over.


Download free here.

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