Can a Virtual Wedding Assistant Replace Your Wedding Planner?

With more work being done online these days, and everyone with an eye on their budget, many brides wonder if a Virtual Wedding Assistant can replace their planner/coordinator.  


As a planner for 13 years who also has virtual wedding assistants, I’d say the short answer is NO.  Having a professional planner around to hold your hand on the big day is invaluable, and if you can afford it, will be money well spent.

But let’s be real…the budget’s the budget, right? For many brides, hiring a VWA is the only feasible option.

So you may be wondering, what is a virtual wedding assistant?

A VWA is basically your online helper who handles the tedious tasks normally assigned to the planner/coordinator. It’s a great option for budget conscious brides because there is SO MUCH STUFF TO DO to pull off a wedding and so little time to do it. Your VWA will research vendors and give you price comparisons, write your timeline, even track RSVP’s and hunt down your Aunt Julie who never responded! All at a fraction of the cost of full service planners.

If you’d like to learn more about our VWA’s, check out the full details here. After 13 years in business with over 150 5-star reviews on Wedding Wire and Yelp, we’ve got this wedding thing down to a science.