Vendor Spotlight: Flower Girl World

I just recently attended the Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas, where I was introduced to this great company, Flower Girl World. After visiting their booth I checked out their website, and all I can say is......How Cute!! I remember when I was a little girl it was always one of my dreams to be a flower girl! It always sounded like so much fun! Although I never had the opportunity, I love how Flower Girl World has created a way to make the experience of being a flower girl extra special for the young girls in your wedding.

Flower Girl World has so many different things that I love about them. They sell children's books, telling stories about the fun of being a flower girl. They also teach young girls what to expect, and what her special job is as a flower girl. Their books are great for soon to be flower girls, or for  young girls who dream of being a flower girl.

Bridesmaid's gifts are a popular thought among bride's, but Flower Girl World has created a sweet flower girl kit that makes a great gift for your own flower girl.

The kit includes various things such as:

  • Practice Petals
  • Practice Basket
  • Glitter Flower Stickers
  • Official Flower Girl World Certificate
  • Wedding Day Activity Book
  • Memory Scrapbook
  • Collectible Bookmarks
  • Crayons
  • Kit Folder

Not to mention, their website is such a great resource for parents and bride's including helpful tips on making the experience of the flower girl the most special! They also provide games to play before or during the wedding, or at any bridal events. The website is a great tool for bride's and parents to prepare their child for being a flower girl. It will teach girls wedding vocabulary, wedding etiquette, and give them an insight into how special their job is as a flower girl.

Check out the Flower Girl World website! I know your flower girl will love it, as much as I do!