BLOOMERENT // Bringing SUSTAINABILITY & Cost Savings To Wedding and Event Florals

We are obviously all about ways to bring in more sustainability into weddings and events. As we all know, flowers are one of the most wasteful parts of an event. They are gorgeous AF, but it just kills me that they get tossed in the trash just a few hours after.

Well, one company that is doing their part (and also bringing you cost savings) is Bloomerent. Bloomerent was started by Danit after she was planning her own wedding. Her friend Julia happened to be getting married the next time and they ended up sharing their centerpieces! They used the same florist who picked them up from Danit’s wedding, refreshed them, and used them for Julia’s wedding the next day.

Ok, so how does it work? According to Bloomerent,

“Flowers have a shelf life of 3-14 days, depending on the flower, and are usually discarded after a 5-hour event. We match two events in close proximity and allow them to share their flowers and save money, just for going green.

We know that finding a florist for your event is a task in itself so we curated a community of florists for our customers. These florists are top-rated and responsible for renewing centerpieces overnight and delivering them to your event the next day. This allows event hosts to save money for going green and work with a great florist. Your centerpieces will always be delivered in top condition no matter the circumstance (i.e., wilted flowers, broken vase, grandma took home a centerpiece or two, etc.).”

You have the choice to be the “First Event” or the “Second Event”

First Event:

  1. Find the Bloomerent florist that fits your style

  2. Get a quote after your consultation

  3. Book your florist (just like you would any other florist)

  4. Your event gets listed on Bloomerent and if someone chooses to be your “Second Event” you will get 10% back

Second Event:

  1. Search your event date and location to see what’s available and save 40-60% off retail pricing!

  2. Connect with the florist and decide what you want to reuse, any minor changes, and any other additions you need

  3. Pay your florist directly at a staggering discount of 40-60% off!

I think this concept is just so freaking cool!! And…that’s not at all!

Bloomerent has been SO sweet to offer our readers a discount of $50 is you use code ECB50A when you place your order!

So, tell me what you think of this awesome way to bring some sustainability into the world of wedding and event florals. And more, importantly, I’m dying to know…what kind of bride are you? FIRST EVENT or SECOND EVENT??