How to Become a Wedding Planner From Home

Many girls dream of becoming a wedding planner, usually after attending a great event or planning their own wedding. So you may be wondering, is it really possible to become a wedding planner from home? Could you really start a successful business making dreams come true AND be your own boss?

You sure can! That’s how I got started!

With the right approach, it’s easier than you think! You just need to do things right from the start.

how to become a wedding planner from home

First off...why start a wedding planner home business?

  • Your own schedule and hours

  • Satisfaction of making dreams come true

  • Massive earning potential

  • Little upfront investment

  • Little overhead costs

  • Over 2 million US marriages each year = job security.

How to Become a Wedding Planner From Home: Six Steps to Success

Make no mistake – successful wedding planners work hard and dedicate themselves entirely to their clients. Nevertheless, the road to success is relatively simple if you put the work in.

Whatever your current position and long-term career goals, the process of becoming a wedding planner from home looks a like this:

1. Research

You need to understand the industry, and everything you need to know about the wedding planning profession can be found online. In doing this you’ll quickly learn if this profession is right for you. And the better you understand the industry the quicker you can develop the skills, talents and knowledge you need.

2. Learn From the Best

Become an intern for an established planner and take notes. Pay close attention to how the rehearsal and wedding days are organized. Notice all the moving pieces and how the planner handles everything. A good planner will have a very solid structure. Make copies of the outlines and timelines and imagine you would handle things. Be proactive and ask the planner you are assisting what she needs help with…don’t just wait around to be assigned tasks.

**PRO-TIP** The rehearsal super important. It’s your first impression to the wedding party and all eyes are on you. It’s the perfect time to inspire confidence in your clients. If you want a free guide on how to run the perfect rehearsal, I got you. Drop your email below and I’ll send it right over.

3. Build a Website

Once you’re ready to start you need a website. These days, a beautiful website is easier than you think to build with services like Squarespace, and since everyone will look at your site before booking you, it’s worth it to spend some time here. Even if you don’t have tons of portfolio photos, you need a professional feeling website.

4. Market Your Services

You need visibility. I’ve seen the most experience planners fail not because they weren’t great planners, but because they didn’t remain relevant. Be social, go to events, keep your social media updated, hand out business cards, show up and talk to venue managers. Anything you can think of to get your brand out there. Consistency is key!

5. Network

You need contacts. Venues, rentals, videographers and photographers, restaurants, country clubs, DJ’s, florists, etc. All the people needed to put a wedding together. You need these people in your address book and you certainly want them to like you. Again, go to your local networking events!

6. Be Relentless

You must commit, go all in. Success is found in persistence. You’ll run into obstacles, setbacks, complications, and your patience will be tested. Most people give up, BUT NOT YOU! Set lofty goals, keep and open mind, and the business you desire will manifest before you know it!

Drop your email here and I’ll send you a free guide on how to run the perfect wedding rehearsal!

Now go get em’!

Love and Light,


how to become a wedding planner from home
how to come a wedding planner from home