How To Make Your Wedding Invitations On Paper and More

Paper and More sent us a wonderful article and infographic on making your own wedding invitations and we are so excited to share it below!

Yes, wedding preparations can be stressful. That doesn’t mean they have to be so. Even if you’re going the DIY way in planning everything for your big day, you can spare yourself the burden of overthinking and instead follow this simple, easy-to-follow infographic guide about wedding invitations.

A good wedding invitation is more than just pretty. It should make an impression, be legible, and perhaps hint the guests about what to expect on your big day. But the questions keep adding up that, sometimes, it’s almost impossible to know how to begin. So where should you start?

First, you need to consider the timeline. It’s best to determine the most appropriate time to send out your invitation cards to give your guests enough notice. Then comes the process of selecting the design. Your cards must stand with the wedding’s theme, send out all the right information, and must work with your determined timeline and budget.

The following infographic offers answers even to questions you didn’t know need asking. It walks you through what and what not to include in your design, which types of paper can make good material for your cards, the printing options currently available. It even teaches you how to assemble your own card suit step by step. Each concept is laid out in digestible chunks with visual samples for easy understanding.

No detail is too small when it’s about the most important day of your life. Knowing where you’re going in your simplest decisions helps take the stress out of the overwhelming process of preparing for a wedding.
Learn all you need to know about wedding invitations. At the end of this infographic, you should be ready to explore options based on your resources and send out your lovely wedding invitations soon.

Step-by-Step: How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations