The Waterfront Hilton, Huntington Beach

The Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach....where do I even begin??  It's the things that I love most that I have the hardest time articulating.  I just have so much excitement I know I'll never be able to do it justice in a single blog post!  But, what I can say is that this is where it all started!  I did my second wedding ever here, and was so fortunate to meet Danielle and Vanessa, the two most amazing catering managers ever!  Now, two years later I feel so lucky every day to be one of their preferred wedding coordinators!  Everyone that works at this property has unbelievable customer service and really makes it enjoyable for us as vendors to work there.  But even better, they make the bride and groom, as well as their family and guests feel extremely welcome and special.
Recently, they just opened the waterfront event boutique which really allows couples to come in and play with lighting, different linens, chairs, table settings and more.  It is honestly a planner and florist's dream when doing a mock tablescape for a bride!!  The entire boutique is so interactive and really let's brides get a feel for Waterfront Hilton wedding, rather than trying to picture it in an empty ballroom.
I could honestly sit and tell stories all day about past weddings, great stories about the valet, bellman, banquet staff, front desk, and every other department and how they have gone above and beyond at some point or another.  But you really just have to go experience it for yourself!! 
See more pictures and find more information on their FACEBOOK page!