Vendor Spotlight:

Once the beautiful planning of the wedding is over, it is now time for the bride to change her last name. However, my brides have found this long awaited step in their life, of changing their last name, less then a dream come true. It can be so difficult, and confusing to go through this process, and that is why I wanted to share with you this great company called, making the process of changing your last name a breeze.

This great service has created a 3 step process for brides, making it easy to follow and submit all your documents.

STEP ONE: Once you sign up on their website you are prompted to answer a few basic questions. This will help them calculate the procedures needed to be done, based on your state regulations. It will also help determine the forms they will have you fill out. The best part is if you feel uncomfortable filling out any personal information online, then they allow you to print out the forms and you can simply write in any missing information.

STEP TWO: Next your answers, from step one, will be taken and inputed into the appropriate forms for your review. You can look over all the forms to confirm the information listed is accurate. If you don't have time to look over everything in one sitting, no problem! They give you 6 months to look over all the documents, so you can rest assured that everything is accurate and correct. If you ever have any questions or need help, a professional is available to talk to through email, phone, or live chat!!

STEP THREE: Filing! You will be asked to print out all of the forms you have filled out and will then be given specific, detailed instructions on how to go about filing your paperwork. And there you have it! All done! Once papers are filed it is estimated that you will receive your new documents with in 2-3 weeks, depending on the office.

I completely recommend this to anyone beginning the name changing process. You will thank me! They do charge a small fee for using their service, but have given us 2 free gift cards to give out to our readers! To win, CLICK HERE, and share your proposal story, and my team and I will choose two winners! Winners will be announced next Tuesday, October 30th.

Can't wait to hear from you all! Have a simply sweet day :)