Vendor Spotlight: Tiffany Monday

I seriously love Tiffany so much!  She is one of the most genuine people in the industry and I get so excited when I get the chance to work with her!!  She has so much passion for what she does and a ton of experience. Hair and makeup is one of the most important elements of you wedding so let Tiffany Monday and her team help you feel beautiful all day long! Check out more about Tiffany below, along with photos of her gorgeous work, and some beauty tips for your wedding!
• Cat or Dog? Neither- I am too busy for pets! Eek!
• Twilight or Harry Potter? Twilight! Edward is so HOT!
• Mac or PC? Mac…did you even have to ask…
• Sweet or Salty? Sweet :)
• Beer or Wine? Wine
• Mountains or Beach? BEACH!!!!
• Neat or Messy? Neat…I am a type A for sure!
• What is the last book you read? The Glass Castle by Jennet Walls
• Most embarrassing moment? My pants fell down in a Sign Language college class!!! I was MORTIFIED!
• Favorite sports team? Sacramento Kings (Basketball)
• What was the last movie you went to see? Bridesmaids :)
• Who would play you in a movie? Charlize Theron
• What is your favorite drink? Iced Tea
• What is in your refrigerator right now? Nothing! On a Diet!
• What is your favorite place to eat? Native Foods in OC
• What TV reality show or game show would you go on? Wedding day makeover on TLC
• How many pairs of shoes do you own? 100 +
• Where did you grow up? Rocklin CA (30 outside of Sacramento) cowtown! Moo!
• Where have you gone to school? Rocklin High School, Sierra College, Sac State, Paul Mitchell in Costa Mesa.
• What is your advice to people planning a wedding? Take it one day at a time, and hire Tiffany Monday for all of you Beauty needs!
• What is your best marriage advice? Dont sweat the small stuff, and communication is key!
• One of your favorite wedding moments? At my own wedding…My cake fell over in front of all my guests! OMG!

• Anything else we should know? Simply Sweet Weddings ROCK!!!  

R: Tim Otto

Tim Otto
Emp Studios
L: Emp Studios R: Braedon Photography

Here are some of her great beauty tips!

Beauty Tip #1 
Pictures really do speak 1,000 words! 
Communicating with your stylist/makeup artist is key to getting the bridal look you want! Always bring photos to the trial and be prepared to try and describe what you want in detail.

Beauty Tip#2
Bring out the very best in you!
When you are choosing pictures of hair and makeup looks, consider bringing photos that have similar  face shape and coloring. Your beauty goal for your wedding day should be to bring out the very best features you have naturally rather than trying to look like a movie star that looks nothing like you! 

Beauty Tip #3
Long Lasting Beauty
Airbrush makeup not only looks great, but lasts all day as well! When looking for makeup artists always ask what brands they use, and if they offer airbrush. You want your makeup to last all day, so you can be picture perfect for you own red carpet occasion! 
Setting your hair in rollers and using a light hair spray (I love Kenra) will help your luscious locks hold all day long! You should set for at least one hour, and always apply heat and let cool. I also always prefer that the client does not wash their hair the day of the event, so the hair has natural oils to hold the style!
Hair Extensions:
Do you want to feel red carpet ready on your wedding day? Hair extensions are a great way to dress up your look, while still looking very natural. We customize in blending, coloring and applying clip-in extensions so your hair looks and feels fuller, longer and sexier for any event. The hair extensions we use are made from the finest 100% pure remy human hair available. At your trial we can color match your hair to get the perfect shade and length that will complement your features for your big event!