CBD + WEDDING PLANNING // Your Secret Weapon To Staying Relaxed and Peaceful

Alright, I’m just gonna cut to the chase on this one. Weddings can be stressful. The planning can be stressful, the seating arrangements can be stressful, the budget can be stressful, and your family can be stressful. The energy of the wedding day can also cause anxiety as nerves are high. And yes, we have control over thoughts, but let’s be real…I’m no Buddha, and sometimes it’s easier said than done.

SO. Enter CBD. (If you’re new to CBD, check out this article by Wellness Mama that will inform you on ALLLLL you need to know!) As someone that tends to get anxious, I was insanely impressed how physically relaxed I felt after trying Emerald and Herb’s CBD syrup. But what REALLY impressed me about CBD was how much it relieves my social anxiety!! I now use it before every large gathering we go to and it totalllllly calms my nerves. I would have loved something clean and natural like this syrup for our wedding day…or even engagement party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner!

I’ve tried several different CBD companies, and nothing has wowed me like Emerald and Herb so far! I love their syrups the most, but I also love their salves and oils! I use the relax oil on my feet every night before and bed and O-M-Zzzzzzzzzz.

ANNNDDDD! Even better news, Emerald and Herb has agreed to give our readers 10% OFF. SAY WHAT?! Use the code “HIGHVIBEBRIDE” on check out to receive your discount, and then drift off into peacefulness.