So About Your Marriage License...

That minor detail....your marriage are a few tips to make sure you have that extremely vital little piece of paper for California weddings.

-You must apply together!
-A valid photo ID is required
-The license is valid for 90 days once issued
-You do NOT have to be residents of the state of California
-If either person has been divorced within the past 90 days, you will need proof of divorce

What's the difference between a public license and confidential license?  Well, I'll tell you...

-Public licenses are on public record, while confidential licenses are private and only available to the couple
-A public license can take place anywhere in California, while a confidential license must take place in the county it was issued
-The couple must be living together prior to marriage to be eligible for a confidential license
-No witnesses are needed for a confidential license

You will need to contact the recorder's office to make an appointment, find out cost, hours of operation and any other pertinent details.

Click here to find out more information as well as frequently asked questions and contact information.