5 Easy Budget Hacks to Cut Wedding Costs

Everyone wants to save money on their wedding.

Unfortunately for budget conscious brides, prices keep going up making it harder to create their dream wedding. What ends up happening is compromise…aka sacrificing what you really want for what’s affordable. Everyone’s LEAST favorite part of the wedding process.

But there is hope!

Here are five tips that help cut costs without sacrificing the wedding you envision!

  1. Limit Your Guest Count - Cost per person isn’t just about food and beverage. For every 10 people that come to your wedding, that’s another table, linen, centerpiece, china, flatware, favors, invitations, etc. This is often the hardest but also the fastest most effective way to cut down on budget. Sit down as a couple and create your parameters and stick to them. Here are some examples:

    • Must have seen them in the last year

    • Must have met both of us

    • If significant other of guest, must be over one year relationship

  2. Hire a Virtual Wedding Assistant - Let’s face it, wedding planning is a huge production, and you need help. If possible couples should hire at least a “day of coordinator,” but if that isn’t in the cards, consider a Virtual Wedding Assistant. They handle all the tedious tasks like price comparing your vendors, confirmations, and RSVP followups. You even get a professional timeline (something normally reserved for high-budget weddings), all at a fraction of the cost of a full-service wedding planner.

  3. Be Flexible On Date and Time - You probably already know this, but Saturday evenings are prime time, and most expensive. Fridays and Sundays are more cost effective. So are mornings. If dancing isn’t a huge thing, consider a Sunday brunch wedding! Who doesn’t love a Sunday Funday? Be open to new ideas!

  4. DIY Invitations and Stationery - With sites like Canva, there are tons of great design templates for invitations, rsvp cards, programs, menus, etc. Canva will even let you download the files with printing guidelines. Find a local inexpensive printer, and voila, you just saved a bunch of $$ on invites!

  5. Eliminate Favors - This can be tough. But consider this…about 50% of favors get left behind, which end up in the trash. Consider a fun donut or dessert bar with to-go bags guests can fill up on their way out. They’ll never notice they didn’t have a trinket sitting on their napkin!

Have any other tips or tricks?! Comment below or send us a message and we’ll update the list!

5 budget tips for planning your wedding