Not Your Average PhotoBooth

So we've all seen the photobooth at many different kinds, styles and companies.  It never gets old throwing on some oversized glasses, a pink boa and some fairy wings and jumping in with some friends.  Things got fancy when booths started printing double for the bride and groom to put in a scrapbook and then one strip to split with 3 people?  Well, then I worked with Huey from Platinum Peaks Entertainment.  Different than an actual booth, they provide an awesome backdrop of your choice!  There are two to snap the picture (yes, this means you can plan action shots!) and then one person to print out as many prints are there as people!  Yes, so by the time you hand over the Kanye glasses to the next person in line, there are enough prints for everyone...

Platinum Peaks Entertainment also offers lighting and rentals, DJ services, and a traditional photobooth if you so wish!  Be sure to check out the website.

Kelliann, Maria and I wanted to make sure that we got plenty of samples to show you the some of the endless options. :)

Oh yeah, and did I tell you that Simply Sweet is expanding to photography?  Ok, just kidding...but Huey from Huey Bui Photography let me play around with his camera a little bit...I think I'm a natural!