How To Make Your Wedding Invitations On Paper and More

Paper and More sent us a wonderful article and infographic on making your own wedding invitations and we are so excited to share it below!

Yes, wedding preparations can be stressful. That doesn’t mean they have to be so. Even if you’re going the DIY way in planning everything for your big day, you can spare yourself the burden of overthinking and instead follow this simple, easy-to-follow infographic guide about wedding invitations.

A good wedding invitation is more than just pretty. It should make an impression, be legible, and perhaps hint the guests about what to expect on your big day. But the questions keep adding up that, sometimes, it’s almost impossible to know how to begin. So where should you start?

First, you need to consider the timeline. It’s best to determine the most appropriate time to send out your invitation cards to give your guests enough notice. Then comes the process of selecting the design. Your cards must stand with the wedding’s theme, send out all the right information, and must work with your determined timeline and budget.

The following infographic offers answers even to questions you didn’t know need asking. It walks you through what and what not to include in your design, which types of paper can make good material for your cards, the printing options currently available. It even teaches you how to assemble your own card suit step by step. Each concept is laid out in digestible chunks with visual samples for easy understanding.

No detail is too small when it’s about the most important day of your life. Knowing where you’re going in your simplest decisions helps take the stress out of the overwhelming process of preparing for a wedding.
Learn all you need to know about wedding invitations. At the end of this infographic, you should be ready to explore options based on your resources and send out your lovely wedding invitations soon.

Step-by-Step: How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Five Tips To Make Your Wedding Planning Easier from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

We are so excited to have collaborated with Groovy Groomsmen Gifts on today’s blog post! Check out their five tips to make your wedding planning easier below!

You’ll know what stuff you’re made of as soon as you start planning for a wedding. It’s supposed to be a joyous occasion, and you can’t help but hope that it will live up to what you want or to the expectations of your guests and loved ones. Whether you’re trying to save by planning it by yourself or you want to personalize your special day to your own taste, there are steps you can take to make the process easier.

Many people think that it’s nothing more than just making a list. If you believe this, you will quickly be proven wrong as soon as you start checking off the list. Other factors, like staying within the budget and not having the right things available, can quickly add up to your stress, so instead of thinking it is as complicated as it should be, learn to compromise.

Here are some tips to help you plan your wedding.

Create a Timeline

Coming up with a list is inevitable because you need to take note of the things you need to do, and it can get long. Unless you have a super memory and you can memorize every item, then you’re gonna have to use the old pen-and-paper route or go digital to keep tabs on everything. With that said, a list can look a little too stationary, so it’s best to create a wedding timeline to make a process or a visual representation of your tasks ahead.

 When you follow a timeline, it can be easy to track your progress and check if things have been done according to plan. Everything is more manageable when you have a tangible chart because you can just move things that aren’t working out for later. Compared to writing down notes that you will easily miss, using the visual chart will lessen your worry about missing things.

 With your timeline, you should be able to curate your list of priorities to help you zero in on things you need to focus on. It will be easier to stay in budget if you have one especially if you know what to prioritize on.

 If you want something unique but don’t necessarily want to emulate something you found on the internet, you can create vision and/or mood boards to help you out. It will be overwhelming at first especially if you take some inspirations from Pinterest, blogs, and bridal mags, but once you’ve sorted it out, you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.

Plan Together with Your Partner

 It’s 2018; you don’t have to plan anything single-handedly when you have the option to turn to your partner for help. The wedding planning process is always stressful, so it makes sense to have some backup in order to prevent you from burning out on the actual day, which will make you unable to enjoy all your hard work.

 This way, you will be able to communicate directly about your choices for the venue, date, flowers, dresses, themes, and all things wedding-related. While on the topic of choices, if you’re on a budget, it is actually cheaper to buy your wedding rings in a set, and some may be bundled in a two for the price of one, which is always welcome, so you can spend the extra money somewhere.


Get Tips from Recently Married Friends

 If you’ve attended weddings in the past few months, then those couples may have gone through what you are going through now. If you found something that you liked at their wedding or have some questions regarding some services, it’s not a bad idea to talk to them about it.

 They may even give you good advice and tips and maybe direct you to people who may give you good deals simply because you’re friends with them. Don’t forget to thank them properly once you’ve gotten around everything.

 They may also tell you if you don't already know that your entourage is important and you should show your appreciation to them too. If you want to be more traditional, the groom can get his boys inexpensive groomsmen gifts that can be personalized to his tastes and the bride can treat her girls to some spa and wine. It depends on the couple on how they want to show their gratitude so it really depends on you how big or simple you wanna go. Sometimes, a simple handwritten will suffice.

Plan Alternative Scenarios

 Reality kinda sucks, but it’s true that it is possible for something to go wrong on the day. It’s really heartbreaking to do all the work for your plans but it gets ruined because of some inevitable circumstance or unlikely timing. Of course, not everyone experiences it, but it helps if you have a plan B in case something goes awry.

 One of the greatest examples of inevitability not going in your favor is if you’re holding an outdoor wedding and, despite the forecast saying it will be sunny all day, a massive rainstorm approaches out of nowhere. When something like this happens, look for some temporary shelter where you and all your guests can run to during the first drops of rain.

 Another alternative is to rent some tents even if it gets in the way of your preferred aesthetics, or if you can, find a way to make the tent seamless with your decors to make it look like you purposely made it look like that.


Put Personal Touches

 In the flurry and chaos that is wedding planning, it may be a little hard to put most of your focus on one thing, but hear this out. While weddings are generally held for the family and friends, it is ultimately about you and your partner. Take some time to put personal touches to your ceremony and celebration because, despite all the dresses, glamour, bouquets, and food, it will remind people that all of you are gathered that day for your long-awaited union.

 You don’t have to do grand gestures or be over the top with personal touches. It can be as little as handwritten notes, party favors that include your favorite things, the song of the first dance, and so on.

 If your little touches involve a little bit of DIY here and there, it helps to have a stock of wholesale craft materials on the ready so you don’t have to go back to the store for every little thing you forgot. The great thing about getting things in bulk is that you save a lot of money as well.


Don’t Forget to Breathe

 Remember to take it easy and breathe. It may feel like you’re running a marathon for the weeks of your wedding planning, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you ask for help when you need it, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Leave some time for yourself, and if you are in need of pampering, do it.

 What are your must-know wedding-planning tips for brides DIY-ing their own celebration? Share them in the comments below.

High Vibe Bridesmaid Gifts For The Conscious Bride

Bridesmaids gifts can be such a fun and sweet way to thank all of the most influential ladies in your life for standing by your side on your big day!  There are SO many generic gifts out there, so I wanted to share some fun gift ideas for the brides looking for something a little more high vibe.  If you and your besties are into sage, crystals, essential oils, and bath bombs...look no further than Chasin' Unicorns.  Check out some of my personal favorites below! 

And better yet, Chasin' Unicorns has agreed to give all of you 10% off ALL purchases with the code HIGHVIBEBRIDE.  Cool stuff at a discount?  Yes, please!


These cool skull bath bombs start at $11 each and come down in price as you buy bundles.  Each bomb has a different purpose including detoxing, increasing joy, connecting to your highest self, energizing your aura and more!  Shown below is The Great Unicorn Bundle (5 bombs for $50 and includes 5 different bombs to try)


Chasin Unicorns offers a TON of different healing crystals.  How fun would it be to pick out a crystal to match the personality of each of your girls?  Although, my personal favorite is their Chakra Crystal set that includes 7 raw crystals to be used for crystal grids, meditations, yoga, and more to align all 7 chakras 


These subscription boxes take all the leg work out of curating the perfect high vibe gift!  Every month is a fun new surprise.  You get to try new products, save money, and get exclusive iitems from Chasin Unicorns and other handpicked high vibin' companies!  Give your girls just 1 month, or maybe even a few month subscription!  It's the gift that keeps on giving!

In addition to above shown items, they are a TON more fun things to shop from including....



How Much to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

When to give and how much to give can be confusing and can even add stress to an already stressful event as a wedding.   Be sure to read vendor contracts, as gratuities may be included in their bill.  While tipping is often optional, it is expected and encouraged to tip bartenders, waiters, valet parking attendants and transportation.  To help you avoid any social faux pas, here are tipping suggestions for your wedding vendors.


These vendors usually include gratuity in their contract but if not, here are the ways to tip them.

·       Catering Staff Catering companies often tack on a service fee which is 15%-20% of the entire cost of the wedding dinner. They may also include hand tips for each chef ($100), catering manager ($200 or personal gift) and servers ($20-$50), distributed by the catering manager).

·       Wedding Reception Staff If you have a maître d’, a coordinator and a banquet manager at your reception, expect a fee of 15%-20% of the food and drink to be tacked on your bill.

·       Transportation Tips for drivers often start at 15%. If they show up on time and don’t get the guests lost, consider offering more.

·       Officiant - Court-Provided civil celebrants are not allowed to accept tips. However, if the officiant is a member of a denomination, you’re expected to make a church donation of $100-$500 depending on whether you’re a member and how active a member you are.

·       Wedding Planner - It’s always a great idea to give your wedding planner a tip (15%) or a personal gift.


Some planners advise that tipping your vendors ahead would encourage them to do outstandingly well on the day of the event. Here are other wedding vendors you can tip for better service during your big day.

·       Hair and Makeup Artists Depending on how many people they prepped, you can give them 15%-25% on top of their usual fees.

·       Photographer and videographer Tips for photo/videographers range from $50 to $200. If they brought on a crew, offer $50-$100 per person instead. 

·       Wedding Reception Attendants - These include the parking attendants, bartenders, and coatroom attendants. Tip them 10%-20% of the bill to be divided among them or consider giving them $20-$50 each.

·       Wedding Musicians  A gratuity of 15% of fee for ceremony musicians and DJ, give each band member $20-$50.

·       Wedding party Don’t forget to thank your wedding party for helping you organize the wedding.  Giving your bridesmaids personalized bags and your groomsmen cool gifts is a great way to thank them for their time and effort.


While there is a developing trend of tipping all vendors, avoid being pressured by this and only offer tips when the service is exceptionally good. Instead of cash, you can also offer them thank-you notes or small gifts. A testimonial and photo for their portfolios is also another good alternative. 

Contributing content by featured vendor:   Tara of



Real Wedding Miriam and Joey

Vendors: {Coordinator: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Locations: Archangel Michael Church & The Waterfront Beach Resort} - {Photography: Sue Wheelock Photography} - {Videography: Vantage Point Productions} - {Florist: Little Hill Floral Design} - {Entertainment: Dj Tempoe and West Coast Music} - {Bakery: Simply Sweet Cakery} - {Hair and Make-up: Design Visage} - {Rentals: La Tavola & Found Vintage Rentals} - {Transportation: Big Red Bus}

Real Wedding: Carissa and Ray

Vendors: {Coordination: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Locations: Pilgrim Lutheran Church & Bel-Air Bay Club} - {Photography: Christine Bentley Photography} - {Florist: Lavenders Flowers} - {Entertainment: Vox Dj's & Da Capo Players} - {Bakery: Vanilla Bake Shop} - {Hair and Makeup: Flawless Faces} - {Transportation: Love Boat Limousine} - {Rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen}

Wedding Day Gifts for Parents

Looking for something special to give to your parents on your special day? We have compiled a list of some of our favorite gifting ideas for mom and dad! 

  • Custom made anything is a perfect and easy way to make a gift more unique! Some of our favorites include:
    • Handkerchiefs
    • Bracelets
    • Pillows
    • Throw blankets

Etsy is where you can find these items!

  • Here is a hanger that is perfect for a mom on the day of the wedding, and for many more years to come!
  • A classy, more unisex gift could be involving your parents favorite wine in a special way, such as custom made wine labels or an engraved wooden wine box.
  • Engraved beer mugs for the father of the bride and groom are a popular choice as well and are something they can use on the day of the wedding. Great photo opportunity! 
  • Romantic getaways, spa packages, and other relaxation themed gifts are an especially good way to thank your parents on your wedding day!

REAL WEDDING: Angela and Richard

Vendors: {Coordination: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Location: Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach } - {Photography: Mike Arick Photography} - {Florist: Lavenders Flowers}  - {Entertainment: Scratch Parties} - {Bakery: Rossmoor Pastries}

Real Wedding: Cary and Wes, The Waterfront Beach Resort

Vendors: {Coordination: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Location: Waterfront Beach Resort, A Hilton Hotel } - {Photography: Lucero Photography} - {Videography: Parallel Media Productions} - {Florist: Flowers by Cina}  - {Make-up: Design Visage} - {Entertainment: Visions Entertainment} - {Bakery: Simply Sweet Cakery}

Real Wedding: Kimberly and Alan, Rancho Las Lomas

Vendors: {Coordination & Stationery: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Location: Rancho Las Lomas} - {Catering: 24 Carrots} - {Photography: Barnet Photography} - {Videography: Parallel Media Productions} - {Florist: Flowers by Cina} - {Entertainment: Elevated Pulse Productions} - {Hair & Make-Up: Design Visage} - {Bakery: Simply Sweet Cakery}

The Tanning Van

INTRODUCING….(drum roll please) a NEW and FUN way to spray tan!!! The Tanning Van is the way to go!! Staci & Michelle, the owners of the The Tanning Van, drive to your doorstep with their fully converted van to tan you in a matter of minutes! The Tanning Van boasts 2 private rooms that are fully equipped, well lit and temperature controlled. Perfect for just one tan or for large parties! If you need an instant glow for your special occasion, or JUST BECAUSE you wanna show off a beautifully tanned bod, call the girls at The Tanning Van at 714.460.8640 to schedule an appointment or to book a spray tan party! You can learn more about them and their services on their website at

Tools For Aspiring Planners

We are so excited to have a new tab for aspiring planners! The wedding industry has been so rewarding, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to give back by guiding planners in the right direction. We have created three fantastic PDF files that will allow planners to get started:

  • How to Get Started as a Wedding Planner - Inside you will find answers to aspiring planners' most frequently asked questions. This is a great way to uncover quick advice when getting started!
  • How to Run a Wedding Rehearsal - Here we provide step by step instructions to efficiently and effortlessly orchestrate a wedding rehearsal like a pro. Having the perfect wedding rehearsal will allow for less stress and more fun on the wedding day!
  • How to Confirm Vendors for a Wedding - This will provide you with step by step instructions to accurately and efficiently gather and confirm pre-wedding details for a wedding or event. Confirming logistics will make a wedding or event run that much more smoothly!

Real Wedding: Danielle & Samer - Franciscan Gardens

Vendors: {Coordinator: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Location: Franciscan Gardens} - {Catering: 24 Carrots} - {Photography: Sue Wheelock Photography} - {Videography: Element Wedding Films} - {Florist: Lavenders Flowers} - {Entertainment: Elevated Pulse} - {Hair: JenniferHair} -{Makeup: Ashley Gannon Makeup & Hair} - {Desserts: Simply Sweet Cakery}              



7 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Every bride knows that who she has by her side is almost as important as the man she is meeting down the aisle on her big day. Your bridesmaids are there for you during your nervous breakdowns, your bridezilla moments, and when you are stressed and just need some emotional support. Here are some great bridesmaid gift ideas to thank them for all of their help leading up to the wedding!

 Brian Leahy Photography

Brian Leahy Photography

  • Spa Gift Bag, lush has amazing, unique products. 

What are you giving your bridesmaids as gifts on your wedding day?  Anything good that we missed here?!



Wedding Tip Tuesday: How to Tie a Bow Tie

It seems like a simple task until the oddly shaped piece of fabric is lying limp and hopeless in your hands. These step by step instructions will make you a pro when the time comes.

1. Place the bow tie around your neck situating it so End A is two inches longer than End B

2. Cross End A over End B.

3. Bring End A up and under the loop. 

4. Now double End B over itself to form the front base loop of the bow tie. 

5. Loop End A over the center of the loop you just formed.

6. Holding everything in place, double End A back on itself and poke it through the loop behind the bow tie. 

7. Adjust the bow tie by tugging at the ends straightening the center knot.

Need more visuals? Charles French has a quick and easy video here. 

Like anything else, keep practicing!

Bridal Fashion Week Recap

That's right-- while we are still riding out the summer breeze here in Orange County, our favorite designers are showcasing their Fall 2015 designs. Capturing the essence of a bride is possible. Making it new, fresh and couture is a different story.  Creating a successful line requires updating traditional shapes with current trends and appealing to the ever-evolving taste of the modern bride . Take Nicole Miller's modified halter/tank neckline paired with a crowd-pleasing mermaid. The gown is refreshing and modern but still maintains a bridal essence. Theia went with a more romantic take and ornate beading. 

 Nicole Miller, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy 

Nicole Miller, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy 

 Theia, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Theia, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Hayley Paige made hearts swoon over her Spring 2012 collection taking back detail to a different level. How did she make Fall 2015 any different? Oh, just a sparkle harness. Who needs a bolero when you can alter any gown with tasteful jewels? Take a look at some of our favorites from this past week. Some dresses have taken a serious 'evening wear' vibe, a la Theia's crystal encrusted halter column dress. Meanwhile, Claire Pettibone maintains her bohemian taste offering the sweetest sleeves and cascading flower crowns. Toying with current trends while keeping lace, satin and chiffon in the mix masterfully updates bridal fashion. Other notes? Cut outs and crop tops. In bridal, you ask? It works! 

What calls to you this year? Did any of your bridal visions change with the times? Or is your heart still set on that first daydream? 

 Hayley Paige Spring 2012. Photo courtesy of 

Hayley Paige Spring 2012. Photo courtesy of 

 Hayley Paige, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of 

Hayley Paige, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of 

 Theia. Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Theia. Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

 Claire Pettibone, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Claire Pettibone, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

 Angel Sanchez, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Angel Sanchez, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

 Badgley Mischka, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Badgley Mischka, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

 Reem Acra, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Reem Acra, Fall 2015. Photo courtesy of

Real Wedding: Kelly Wilson and Nick North

The quintessential autumn wedding! Kelly and Nick executed fall perfectly with pumpkins and burlap galore. The decor was sweet and refined with rustic touches like escort cards strung with clothespins and a wine box ceremony. That fabulous dresser photos are featured on? Kelly's own. Her individualistic touches remind us to interject our own style into standard features. Such a simple and bold way to personalize your day! 

Vendors: {Coordinator: Simply Sweet Weddings} - {Location: Highland Springs Resort} - {Photography: Whismie Photographie} - {Videography: Boffo Video} - {Florist: The Bloom of Time} - {Entertainment: Scratch Weddings} - {Hair & Makeup: Tessa Stull} - {Linens: La TavolaGBS Linens } - {Photobooth: Night Owl Productions}