Getting Started As A Wedding Planner


Getting Started As A Wedding Planner


This is a great book for anyone looking for some quick advice on how to get started as a wedding planner!  Listed below are the questions I answer in this book! 

- How did you know that wedding planning was the career path you wanted to follow?
- How did you get into the wedding industry?
- What is the best way to find and internship?
- What is your advice to aspiring planners who are trying to get their foot in the door?
- What is your degree in?  What are good majors or classes to take in college?
- What training or education prepared you for a career in wedding planning?  
- Do you need to become a certified wedding planner?
- What is the difference between a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator and a wedding consultant?
- What exactly does a wedding planner do?
- What are the best ways to network?
- What steps did you take to start your own business?
- How did you start to find clients?  How many weddings do you take on at one time?
- How do you manage weddings and operating a business?
- What are the different layers and functions of your team?
- What is the most difficult part about planning a wedding?
- What is your favorite part about planning a wedding?
- What is the most stressful part about being a wedding planner?
- Do you accept any other event planning jobs besides weddings

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